Someone Discovered The Real Purpose For The McDonald’s French Fry Box Flap

People are freaking out about a viral hack which turns your McDonald’s french-fries box into a ketchup holder. This is a total game changer.

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We love a good hack here, especially when it makes you question your whole existence and how you managed before having the knowledge.

Well, this time Twitter user @todayyearsoldig has sent people into a frenzy by sharing a McDonald’s hack which no one had seemed to think of before. They posted a photo revealing that the flap on a McDonald’s fries box can actually be folded back down to neatly hold ketchup or a sauce of your choice. How did we not know this?! Mind has been blown. 

They tweeted, “Did y’all know the flap on your fries box actually has a purpose?”.

Amazing! We all know the frustration of not being able to dip properly into the tiny paper sauce holders, so this is a real game changer. As with any hack, the internet was divided. Many Twitter users loved the tip and were in disbelief at not knowing the flap’s role before.

Others were more cynical however, stating the flap’s purpose was to keep workers from scalding there fingers – also a plausible reason.

The clue here might be that the shape of McDonald’s french fries boxes seem to differ country by country, so it is unlikely this is the true reason for the flap and that the hack is universally applicable. But whether it’s for real or not, we’ll definitely be trying it. Any excuse for a cheeseburger and fries!

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