‘Brazilian Hulk’ Accepts Challenge To Fight ‘Iranian Hulk’ In MMA Contest

Bodybuilder nicknamed the Iranian Hulk has been seeking an MMA opponent. Well now the Brazilian Hulk seems to have accepted his challenge which will lead to one hell of a fight.

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Being crowned the ‘Hulk’ is a pretty big achievement in the bodybuilding world, so it must be frustrating to know you aren’t the only one big enough to be given the nickname.

Therefore it’s no surprise a fight may happen between a bodybuilder nicknamed the Brazilian Hulk and another known as the Iranian Hulk.

This all began when Iranian Hulk, 27-year-old Sajad Gharibi, used social media to seek a new MMA opponent, stating his preference at fighting someone with skills in Brazilian ju-jitsu. So step forward Romario dos Santos Alves, 29, who promptly threatened to ‘tear off’ Gharibi’s head in response.

Both men are nicknamed Hulk for good reason with Gharibi weighing a staggering 178kg while Santos Alves weighs roughly 104kg. That really would make for an interesting fight!

Despite initially describing the Iranian as ‘scary’ and that he didn’t believe in violence, the Brazilian Hulk appears to now be keen as long as conditions are met. Santos Alves said in a message to Gharibi: ‘I’ll go up to 120 and you’ll go down to 120. I’ll rip your head off.’

They are pretty tough terms for both of them to meet. For Iranian hulk, it involves him dropping muscle mass which he has likely spent years building up.

Even more dangerous is putting on muscle mass in record speed for Brazilian Hulk, as according to local media, he nearly lost his arm in 2013 due to synthol oil injections – a common muscle enhancer in the bodybuilding world.

Although reportedly now leading a much healthier lifestyle without injections, we hope this challenge doesn’t encourage him to return to his old ways. This will certainly be a fight to remember – just as long as no one puts themselves at risk to take part.

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