Three Totally Unusual And Cool Ways To Cook Your Steak

Sometimes you want to cook your steak with a little flair or drama, and these three methods certainly deliver.

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When you have a dinner party to plan for, steak is always a good option. It’s classic, filling and can be cooked the way each individual prefers it. But sometimes you just want to make it a little different and really push the boat out, which is exactly what the following three methods do.

Of course we all know there are holy grail methods to cooking the perfect steak but these are really cool. So why not try cooking your meat:

With An Old Beer Cooler

We all love a hack, especially when it involves recycling or reusing an old item (all about sustainability these days!). For this method, you need a ziplock bag, a straw and your old beer cooler.

Simply pop the steak into the ziplock bag, leaving a small gap for the straw to be inserted so that the air can be sucked out. Then fill your cooler with hot water until it reaches desired temperature and place your steak in there. The beer cooler effectively acts as a water bath to ensure your steak is super tender and moist. When ready, season and pan fry to get a crispy outer edge. Perfection!

With Gravy

For a super rustic cooking technique, use an open fire pit to cook your steak with gravy. Using a log fire is going to create some serious smoky flavour to the meat whilst the continued basting in homemade gravy will keep the steak unbelievably moist and juicy as it soaks up all the onion-y flavour.

With Lava

Syracuse University conducted their very own experiment to see if steaks could be cooked with lava and the results are pretty impressive! As the molten lava reaches the meat, you can hear it begin to sizzle and turn a gorgeous juicy brown. Plus, they don’t stop there. They also cook fish and hot dogs to similar effect. Now just to figure out where to get molten lava from…

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