Hunter who went viral for posing with a dead mountain lion says she ate it

Hunter Franchesca Esplin went viral earlier in the year for killing a mountain lion and now she has admitted to eating the animal also, causing divided opinion.

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Hunter Franchesca Esplin went viral in February when an animal conservation group, Prairie Protection Colorado, caught wind of photos she had posted to her Facebook page of her hunting and posing with a dead mountain lion. But after the uproar, Esplin spoke to INSIDER to tell her side of the story and actually admitted that her and her family ate the lion also.

Explaining her decision, she said that she feels better feeding her family with meat she has hunted which is organic, with no hormones or antibiotics added. Effectively, Esplin defends her decision by saying it is more ethical and less harmful to the animals.

“Any hunting we do throughout seasons is for meat for our family. We can’t afford to always go to the store and buy steaks. At least I know that the meat I get from hunting hasn’t been injected with steroids, hormones, and all that nasty junk.” 

She even goes on to explain how the mountain lion meat tasted, stating it is “a little stronger than pork but is a lean white meat.” Personally, I’m not sold.

For all those that say she is cruel to have hunted the beautiful creature, she says she is helping wildlife management in regulating predators which is a part of conservationism.

Even if this is true, the issue with the saga centres around the photos and video glorifying the act of killing. But what do you think – is she more ethical eating the kill also?

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