Is This The Biggest Burger In The World?

This Las Vegas cafe created the most insane 13lb burger and the ingredients list will blow your mind.

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Right? Well not in this case. This Truffles n Bacon Las Vegas cafe burger is way too enormous to keep a secret.

This insane masterpiece weighs in at a whopping 13lbs and pictures really don’t do it justice. It’s so big it needs to be served by the slice because taking a bite of all the layers at once is physically impossible – but you are more than welcome to try of course!

Credit: Food Insider

Truffles n Bacon says the burger can serve 6-8 people but if you want it, they need 72 hours notice to make it and you need to be prepared to pay the $85 bill.

The burger actually has quite a history, evolving to become bigger and better than each previous generation. The first edition began after a customer asked if Hot Cheetos could be incorporated, leading to the ‘Disco Tots’ burger. Tater tots in truffle oil acted as the base with toppings of cheese, Cheetos, serrano peppers, pork belly, and crispy tortilla strips.

Credit: Food Insider

Eventually this became the ‘Hot Beast’, which also included beef and an egg. So glorious was this burger that the Food Network caught wind and asked the cafe to create an even bigger one for its show Ginormous Eats.

In classic Las Vegas style, the burger became totally outrageous with two 2lb beef patties, 2-inch thick slabs of pork belly, four eggs, and pounds of tots, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, tomatoes, jalapeƱos, and shredded jack and cheddar cheese. This is now known as the ‘Belly of the Beast’ burger.

Credit: Food Insider

It really needs to be seen to be believed. And before you think this was just for the TV show, it has actually been incredibly popular to order, particularly for parties. Would you fancy swapping your birthday cake for the ‘Belly of the Beast’?

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