Martha Stewart Shared A Pretty Dark Lobster Cooking “Hack” And The Internet Is Divided

Martha Stewart, cooking goddess, just revealed her dark trick to boiling a live lobster and it has received very mixed reactions.

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Jennifer Garner joined Martha Stewart in the kitchen to rustle up some Summer recipes during a Facebook live video. However everyone got more than they bargained for when the cooking Queen revealed her very dark trick when boiling a lobster alive.

Stewart explained:

“I boil mine for about 15 minutes. I put them in boiling water with vodka or tequila. I give them a drink.”

Well that’s a new one.

As we all would, Garner promptly asks why she adds the alcohol and Stewart replied, “Well, if you were going to be boiled alive, wouldn’t you like to have a drink first?”

Credit: Facebook/Martha Stewart

To be more specific, Stewart said she adds roughly half a cup of vodka to the water before letting the lobster ‘relax’ in it.

Source: Kidskunst

As expected, this bizarre and pretty dark lobster cooking hack attracted some attention. Opinion was quite divided as to whether this was more humane or not, or maybe it was just a trick to ease the cook’s conscience.

PETA was quick to respond, condemning the technique and general killing of the animal.

Others conversely thought it was a hilarious comment to make.

But what is more worrying is that during an episode of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, Stewart revealed her vodka trick wasn’t exclusive to lobsters. When asked if she had killed a chicken before, she said “I fed it some vodka, and then I cut off its head.” Watch the hilarious reaction below:

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