Salt Bae’s #10YearChallenge Shows A Big Transformation

Salt Bae did his own version of the #10YearChallenge and the change is unbelievable. From his humble beginnings, he is now a global restauranteur.

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Every so often a trend appears on social media which quickly gathers momentum, whether it be a meme, hashtag or challenge. Well the first prominent social trend of 2019 is the #10YearChallenge where you post a picture of yourself now and one of you 10 years ago side by side. The challenge exploded across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with many celebrities posting showing amazing results – some seemed to have not aged a day!

Some challenges however reveal a more extensive transformation, proved by none other than Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, aka Salt Bae.

Taking it one step further, Salt Bae shared a photo on Instagram of himself in 1998 alongside a photo from 2018 making this a #20YearChallenge!

It is incredible to see how Salt Bae has grown so much from his humble beginnings to become the star he is today. In an interview with Turkish magazine Aksam, he explains how he began his career at a butcher’s market in Istanbul.

He said:

“I never took an annual leave and didn’t apply for overtime. I was working with 10 master butchers and remained active for 18 hours a day.”

This is a past he is proud of and clearly wants his fans to know the hard work that got him to where he is today, regularly posting pictures of himself as a young boy training in the art of butchery.

Fast forward many years later and Salt Bae is now a social media sensation, following his now infamous salt sprinkling and often cooks for world famous celebs. He is also one of the coolest looking chefs around and even cooks in sunglasses 90% of the time.

Salt Bae now owns restaurants across the US, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha serving the most unbelievable meat and if you are lucky, you might get to have him salt your steak at the table!

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