Fed Up With People Eating Your Ben & Jerry’s? Then You Need This Device

Fed up with roommates stealing your ice cream? Then you need the pint lock. A new launch from Ben & Jerry’s that will keep out anyone who doesn’t know the code.

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When you live in a shared house it is common to pray that no one tucks into the food that you have bought with your hard earned cash. But after a long day at work when you look forward to finally settling down with your Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Chew Chew tub (other flavors are available) and watching a marathon of Netflix, your worst fears get confirmed. Your ice cream has significantly diminished, or worse still – the empty tub is in the bin. Nightmare.

We’ve all been there and it doesn’t matter if your roommates are strangers or friends, the hurt and frustration is all the same. Well fear not, as Ben & Jerry’s understands the value of their ice cream and has now created the ‘Pint Lock’.

As the name suggests, it is a combination lock designed specifically for a pint of ice cream. The ring-shaped device snugly fits over the top of the tub and once its on, the only way to get it off is by entering a three digit combination.

It might seem aggressive but it is actually quite polite – it has “I’m terribly sorry, but there’s no ‘u’ in ‘pint.'” written on the side.

Ben & Jerry’s Online Store

You can purchase your pint lock for $9.99 direct from the Ben & Jerry’s merchandise store. They also make a great gift for any one who loves their ice cream or might be too scared to buy it for themselves in fear of seeming greedy.

With so many people now sharing apartments more often and for longer, it’s a surprise this wasn’t thought of sooner. Never again will you now have to come home to an empty pint – just make sure you remember your own combination though otherwise no one’s getting in!

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