Could You Handle McDonald’s New Spiciest Ever Sandwiches?

McDonalds has launched their spiciest ever sandwich range to the menu with three varying levels of spice. Could you handle the heat?

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Every now and then McDonald’s teases us with launches featuring new and exciting flavours – branching out from the generally plain and simple burgers. They always tend to be hit and miss but in recent years we had the “Hot ‘n Spicy McChicken”. This earned rave reviews but was still eventually taken off the McDonald’s menu.

Well for all those people that like a little spice in their life, we have good news for you. McDonalds will be offering three new sandwiches, all limited edition, which could potentially blow your head off. They really decided to push the boat out on these as they will be the chain’s spiciest ever sandwiches.

Introducing “The Spicy Jalapeno McChicken”; “The Spicier Habanero McChicken”; and “The Spiciest Ghost Pepper McChicken”. Even the names make my eyes water.

Annoyingly they are only available in select Canadian restaurants at the moment but fingers crossed they expand to other countries.

Level 1 of spice is the Jalapeno McChicken, which has two layers of creamy jalapeno sauce included. Level 2 heats up further, entering higher on the Scoville scale. Level 3 however doesn’t mess about. It uses a sauce made out of the famous ‘ghost pepper’, registering 1,000,000 SHUs on the Scoville scale. Definitely not your average McDonalds.

Despite this, those who have tried them have had generally positive reviews thus far but time will only tell whether the positive reaction will help keep them on the menu any longer. Currently, the sandwiches are simply limited edition and will only be available until Mar. 11. Do you think you could handle the heat?

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