Here Is the Full Menu From President Donald Trump’s Lunch with Kim Jong-un

The US President and North Korean leader sat down to a dinner on Wednesday in Vietnam and enjoyed a true fusion menu of East meets West.

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Unless you have been living under a rock of late, you will know that President Trump is currently meeting with Kim Jong Un in Vietnam to discuss removing nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula. This is all serious stuff and no doubt negotiations are going to be tough with both men having very strong opinions, but who knew these negotiations would be reflected in their food?!

The US President and North Korean leader sat down to a dinner at luxurious French colonial Metropole Hotel in Hanoi on Wednesday, helped prepared by North Korean chefs. However according to CNN chefs were finding it difficult to settle on a menu up until midday Wednesday, conscious of creating dishes that would meet the ‘super simple’ request.

Eventually it was decided to create a fusion menu, blending flavors from classic Western and Korean dishes. Below is the full menu released by the White House:

Shrimp Cocktail
Chilled shrimp, romaine leaves, thousand island dressing, diced avocado, fresh lemon and herbs

Grilled Sirloin with Pear Kimchi
Marinated tender sirloin grilled with sauce, served with kimchi fermented inside a pear

Chocolate Lava
Hot runny centered chocolate cake, chocolate crumble, with fresh berries and vanilla ice cream

Dried Persimmon Punch
Traditional beverage sweetened with dried persimmon and honey

Reporters covering the event were originally told the menu included Hanoi-style spring rolls, grilled cod fish “cha ca,” and shredded mango salad with scallops so it is clear that there really was a last minute panic for the menu!

Although there is certainly a huge western influence on this menu, it is a far cry from what Trump usually eats. We would love to know what President Trump thought of the Korean twists in light of knowing his burger and steak orders.

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