This Is What A Royal Baby Is And Isn’t Allowed To Eat

Many royal chefs and Palace sources have revealed over the years what royal babies eat, including what the mother eats also. Only the best for a royal child.

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Being part of the British royal family is no easy ride – one needs commitment, discretion and suffers a lot of press intrusion. So as if their life wasn’t restricted enough, there are also a bunch of different rules they have to follow. For Meghan Markle, who transitoned from being a ‘celebrity’ into a royal, it must have taken a real adjustment. For her it involved giving up voicing her political views, taking down her social media platforms, wearing pantyhose at functions and keeping her manicure nude.

Well in addition, there are even guidelines as to what her newborn will be allowed to eat when born end of April. Many royal chefs and Palace sources have revealed over the years what royal babies eat, including what the mother eats also.


Until the 20th century, it was widely reported that royals did not allow breastfeeding seeing it as improper. Instead, the baby would be given to another for nursing. However since Queen Elizabeth’s reign, this attitude has changed and it is said Kate used a mixture of breast and bottle feeding. Meghan will likely follow suit (excuse the pun).

No Garlic

Centuries ago, the women who helped nurse the royals’ babies were forbidden to eat garlic as not to ruin the taste of the milk. Although it is unlikely to be as strict these days, it is plausible garlic will still not be encouraged for Meghan as the Queen heavily dislikes it!

Apples and Pears

Former royal chef Darren McGrady told he prepared Will and Harry’s “first meals of steamed apples and pears from the Queen’s Sandringham country retreat.” No doubt the new royal will enjoy the taste of these mushed fruits as a healthy and traditional meal. McGrady also revealed that the fruits are always twice strained to remove any dangerous lumps. This royal baby will never have to endure lumpy mash and veg like the rest of us.

Source: The Royal Chef

No Packaged Food

McGrady stated he had never seen any packaged food in the Palace during his tenure. With 20-plus kitchen staff, two of which are purely dedicated to the baby, there is no need! He explains:

“One chef in the palace kitchen would puree chicken, lamb or beef and another would do the same with cooked vegetables such as peas, carrots and cauliflower,”

Only Organic

Thanks to Prince Charles’ long standing commitment and support of organic farming, the Duchess of Sussex’s baby will no doubt be on a strictly organic diet once solids are reached.

Nanny Decides

Due to their many engagements, the nanny will play a crucial role in the child’s development and so it is not uncommon for them to have a significant impact on their diet. Kate and William’s nannies mostly organise George and Charlotte’s intake, and its likely Meghan’s and Harry’s child will also have a similar influence.

What is clear is that the baby will have a very nutritious diet growing up, with many local and organic ingredients. Being super healthy is luckily not going to be too much of a change for Meghan however, as it has been well documented she has a very clean diet and healthy lifestyle.

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