Mexican Bartender Receives Racist Note Instead Of Tip

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Anyone who’s been to the U.S. before will know that tipping is a large part of the culture.

Whereas in counties like Japan it’s seen as offensive as they believe everyone should provide perfect service unconditionally, in America waiters and bartenders livelihoods are almost wholly reliant on tipping.

That background makes it all the harsher when a Mexican bartender in Texas got a cheque bank without tip, but with a racist message in its place.

Hehsus Baeza alledges a customer left a rude message and no gratuity after dining at Tkilaz Mexican Restaurant Bar and Grill in West Texas.

After finishing a $17.55 meal – which included ‘a plate of asado’ and a drink of ‘Dos XX’, the patron reportedly wrote the following message:

“My tip is to build the f*cking wall now!”

The bartender at Tkilaz Mexican Restaurant Bar and Grill in Midland took a photo of the receipt and shared it on Facebook. In his post, Baeza called the customer a hypocrite for leaving an anti-immigrant message while dining at a Mexican restaurant. 

One of President Trump’s central campaign promises during the election was how he was going to build a wall on the Mexico / U.S.A. border, and how he would make the Mexican government pay for it.

Since then Trump has made little progress of his promise but recently called a National Emergency in an attempt to free up budget for his wall.

Do you think moments like this will become more common as the debate around the wall hots up? Be great to hear your thoughts.

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