Fast Food Employee Fired For Writing ‘Homophobic Slur’ On Customer Receipt

Two cousins were left baffled and hurt by an offensive message left on their cheque in a Virginia based Little Caesar’s restaurant.

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A Little Caesar’s restaurant in Virginia got into trouble this week after a staffer was found to have written the word “gay” on cousins Rosman Harris and Marcus Robertson’s cheque in capital letters.

Obviously the cousins were left totally baffled by the incident and sent it on to another cousin in the hope they could visit the chain another day and receive an explanation. Since the full story and receipt was posted, many had been outraged by the restaurants lack of response.

Source: Facebook/ShannaHunter

According to the pair, they were not asked their names like previous customers and only after the food arrived did they see the offensive word on the cheque.

Speaking to CBS local affiliate WTVR, the cousins were clearly upset by the incident saying:

“I was baffled, and it made me semi-angry because I feel like it’s 2019 and we’re still having to deal with this. It was this preconceived notion of, ‘Oh, these are gay men.’ So, why would you write that on the ticket? I’m not understanding that.”

When the staffer was confronted, they implied it was written in response to the pair being ‘loud’ and ‘rude’. However, knowing that one of the cousins had a hearing impairment makes this apparent loudness completely understandable.

Following many complaints from the public for the staffers outright homophobic and disability discrimination, Little Caesar’s had no option but to take action and prove they did not agree with their actions. Tina Orozco, the communications director for Little Caesar’s, explained the incident was investigated by the franchise owner, and the employee in question has now been fired.

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