Gordon Ramsay’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken Recipe Is Finger-Lickin’ Good

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Regular readers will know that we love Gordon Ramsay. His show Kitchen Nightmares is awesome but it’s the man’s cooking that really sets him apart.

His restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin Stars making him one of the most successful chefs of all time. Whether it’s his secret for the perfect steak, two tips for delicious scrambled eggs, or his awesome burger recipe – the Scottish chef never disappoints.


His latest installment comes with a little help from his son, and is sure to improve any meal time. Better yet, his Buttermilk Fried Chicken recipe is super quick and easy so it’s one you can enjoy on a weekly basis. Or nightly. Fried chicken is the greatest after all.

Here’s what you do:

Chef Ramsay has had a really interesting journey to the top of the culinary world. Starting out as a soccer player for his beloved local club, Glasgow Rangers, the future looked bright for the budding sportsman until a knee injury cruelly forced him to retire.


Having his dream taken away from him gave Gordon Ramsay an unrivaled drive to succeed. He took himself off to Paris to learn how to cook in some of the finest restaurants in France.

Working long hours for very little money, Chef Gordon learned the hard way that the only way to the top is putting absolutely everything into it — and so he did.

He eventually opened up his first restaurant in 1998 and didn’t look back since. Today he has 7 Michelin stars and restaurants in NYC, Paris, London, Dubai, Shanghai amongst others.

Gotta respect that hustle.

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