Woman Gains 168lbs To Please ‘Feeder’ Partner

Rosie has gained 168lbs since meeting Jeff, who is her ‘feeder’ in their relationship. Although she claims to lead a healthy lifestyle, many have queried her belief.

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A couple who recently featured on a UK daytime television show shocked people around the world with their story, explaining how Rosie, 23 now weighs 392lbs after gaining 168lbs since meeting her fiancé Jeff, 25.

The couple met online on a specialist website, with Jeff explaining his fetish of feedism over the year they were chatting and video calling.

Feedism is a sexual fetish where people partake in sensual feeding. It involves one partner being the ‘feeder’ encouraging the ‘feedee’ to gain weight for their own sexual arousal.

When things were going well, Jeff moved from his native Holland to be with Rosie in Australia.

Source: Media Drum World

As part of their feederism lifestyle, Jeff will feed Rosie with sweets and other treats in the evenings as a way of spending time together.

But Rosie, who has a young son, says she is mindful to take care of her health as she doesn’t want to be ‘bedridden’. She said:

‘I eat regular meals like everyone else. At night the feederism plays in. We’ll grab treats and he’ll feed me and indulge in those kinds of things. I am still regular with my eating habits. But when you add feederism it helps you gain weight I guess. I’m, happy and comfortable and if anything did come about that would impact me like getting diabetes, I guess I would do things to counteract that.’

Source: Media Drum World

Following the interview, many have voiced outrage that Rosie describes herself as having a ‘healthy lifestyle’ and criticised her for putting her health at risk when she has a young child.

Of course, it is up to the individual as to what they do with their body but there is no denying the weight gain Rosie has incurred is sufficient enough to cause long term health trouble. At such a young age, she has time to change her health for the better but we wish this couple all the best in the meantime!

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