People Are Spending $105,000 To Visit Titanic And Eat The Original Menu

Those wealthy enough can now spend $105,000 to dive deep and visit the Titanic wreckage first hand, followed by eating a first class meal similar to what passengers would have eaten.

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The sinking of Titanic in 1912 will forever be legendary, with fascination only propelled by blockbuster hits like Titanic in 1997. People want to know what happened in the run up and how, as this was built to be the most beautiful and fastest ship in the world. Thousands of lives were also lost that day in the North Atlantic which makes the wreckage an area of debate for those that want to view it and those that believe it should be left untouched.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

So elusive is the wreckage that since the sinking of the RMS Titanic, less than 300 people have visited the final resting place – more people have actually flown to outer space!

But when something is this exclusive, there are always people willing to pay big money to make it happen which is why individuals can now pay to see the ill-fated liner for themselves Рall for the price which first-class passengers would have paid in 1912 for the crossing (plus a hell of a lot of inflation!).


The $105,000 once-in-a-lifetime trip is being offered by Cookson Adventures and OceanGate Expeditions and set to go live in July this year. The big bucks ticket reflects the very limited places available and all the safety and training that will need to go with it. Currently only nine people can travel 3,700 meters to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in Titan the submersible.

Source: National Museums NI

According to organisers, they will have:

“access to state-of-the-art camera, video and sonar equipment, crystal-clear footage of the wreck and catch a glimpse of the splendor and impressive engineering that was not quite a match for nature.”

After being submerged, guests will then return to surface to enjoy a 10-course meal identical to the one which first-class passengers enjoyed on the last night Titanic ever spent afloat.

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1907 Heidsieck Gout Champagne – worth around $275,000 today – will also be available to guests and is the most expensive champagne in the world.

There are many that will debate whether anyone should potentially disturb the wreckage site where thousands lay to rest, but if completed in a sensitive, professional manner we could potentially learn some incredible findings from the ship. As a key moment in history, one can understand the insatiable appetite for more access. But those who can afford the ticket price should hurry – at its current rate of deterioration, experts have estimated that the wreck of the Titanic will have completely disappeared by 2030.

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