Margot Robbie Reveals Her Daily Diet & We Love Her Even More

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Ever since her breakout role in Wolf Of Wall Street, Margot Robbie’s Hollywood star has been rising at an unbelievable speed. Everyone can agree she looked incredible in her first feature film but with a body that jaw dropping, she could have easily alienated some women. But instead, she has charmed every audience with women wanting to be her and men wanting to be with her.

Read any interview with her and it is clear Robbie, born in Queensland, Australia, has managed to maintain her relaxed and down to earth persona despite her meteoric rise to fame. Even whilst earning millions she was living in shared accommodation with her friends in London and she is always first to make fun of herself…

Well this laid back and likeable persona sure carried through when Robbie spoke to Emirates Woman, revealing her daily diet and exercise regime. Whilst Jennifer Aniston’s and Julianne Hough’s diets made me cry, Robbie’s thoughts when it comes to food are way more relatable and quite frankly, made me like even more than I did before. She explained:

“I’m not good at doing moderation. I get miserable if I don’t eat. I can’t just have a salad every day and a half a glass of wine every second day. I can’t do it.”

You and me both.

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Source: Instagram @margotrobbie

Robbie explained that most days, her diet isn’t very good as she loves indulging in fast food and beer – a girl after my own heart. But she knows she needs to look good her photo shoots or film roles, so she’ll just eat ‘clean’ for a few days beforehand.

“I don’t have a very good diet. I love beer, fries, burgers, but if I have to get in a bikini then I’ll eat carrot sticks for three days. I’m one extreme or the other.”

If her body needs to be in tip top shape, the 28-year-old will just ban saturated fats, fast food, sugary drinks and chocolate in the lead-up. This approach is so refreshing to hear and highlights how day-to-day, Robbie wants to live life how she wants with no restrictions.

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Source: Instagram @margotrobbie

On a good day, Robbie will start the day with a bowl of porridge and a green smoothie to ensure she gets her vitamins in. Lunch and dinner tend to be a protein of either meat or fish, alongside good carbs (think brown rice and sweet potato) and some veg. But she isn’t scared to go off piste on her daily diet as she noted enjoying her wine and that “chocolate, waffles and fries are the main food groups that make up my diet.”

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Source: Instagram @margotrobbie

A Typical Daily Diet


  • Porridge with blackberries
  • ‘Green machine’ smoothie with kale and apple


  • Skinny lemon chicken with brown rice
  • Mackerel salad with tomatoes and cucumber


  • Tuna steaks with sweet potato
  • Vegetable hot pot with rice noodles

Robbie also mentioned her desired exercise routine, most of which reflects her outdoorsy Australian upbringing. To achieve her lithe figure, she combines running, surfing and ice-hockey. But whilst she loves intense cardio workouts, she has recently been working on strength training.

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Source: Instagram @margotrobbie

During prep work of award winning film, I Tonya, she revealed real-life Tonya Harding advised her to also work on muscle mass and core strength.

‘I spent a lot of time in the gym trying to build muscle mass for I, Tonya. I worked on my legs. I tried to get stronger in my legs. But she [Tonya Harding] said “forget that, worry about your core strength. And I was like “Okay, I’ll do more sit-ups.’

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Source: Instagram @margotrobbie

There is no doubt Margot is aware she has a desired physical appearance to maintain but her approach in maintaining it is simple and down to earth. Eat what you want and enjoy life, but when needed, just eat clean for a bit. The real trick in achieving her body is clearly exercise but not boring gym work. It’s all about getting out into the fresh air and having fun, whilst also burning the calories.

This is a way of life we can definitely get on board with, and when she isn’t eating clean, we would jump at the chance to have a few beers with her.

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