Science Says Men Who Drink Beer Have This Advantage In Bed

A new science study has shown men who drink a moderate amount of beer each week have a stronger sperm count leading to better fertility.

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So you have found the woman of your dreams and are now ready to settle down after many wild drink fuelled nights. Trouble is, when you start trying for a family, things don’t seem to happen as swiftly as expected. In actual fact, this is really common and having children is not easy for everyone which is why there is an amazing array of different options for people to have a child. But if you want keep trying to conceive naturally, a trip to your doctor will likely lead to advice of maintaining a healthy diet, refraining from taking recreational drugs/smoking, and losing any excess weight through regular exercise.

This is of course the standard advice given to those who are concerned about sperm count and you would think you were right to have given up the boozy days. But actually, there are far more surprising factors that can play a contributory role in the quality of sperm. Did you know, for instance, that drinking beer could potentially do wonders?

Source: Insiter Online

A recent study conducted by a group of researchers at the Policlinico hospital’s fertility clinic in Milan, Italy discovered that men who drink beer produce more sperm.

As part of the study, 323 male patients with varying weekly alcohol intakes were called upon to take part.

Thirty percent of the participants were said to have one to three drinks a week, 30 percent were said to have four to seven drinks a week and another 30 percent were said to have eight or more drinks a week. The men in the two groups that consumed a larger weekly amount of alcohol had a “significantly higher sperm concentration” than those who had one to three weekly drinks.

Source: The Cut

In addition, the men who had four to seven weekly drinks were reported as having a “significantly higher median semen volume” – in other words, a lot more semen than those who had one to three drinks a week.

The reason behind this finding seems to be linked to a particular compound in beer hops known as Xanthohumol which helps protect sperm cells from damage. We also know that antioxidants found in grapes protect sperm cells in a similar way – so wine can be equally as beneficial as beer!

However, before you pop open a beer keg, it’s important to remember that this finding only applies if your alcohol intake is moderate. So please, drink responsibly.

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