The ‘Food Cubby’ Is Ideal For People Who Hate Their Food Touching

If you don’t like your food groups touching each other on the plate, then you can use a food cubby. Sold on Amazon, this new tool helps separate food items.

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Whether you are a fussy eater or have a genuine food phobia, there are many people in the world that would rather keep their food groups separate on the plate. Particularly when some foods are wet and others are dry, it can cause a real divide among those that like them to mix or not. Personally, I hate when my chips get soggy from sauce. Trouble is, when using a flat plate mixing is inevitable – until now.

The ‘Food Cubby’ is a family friendly solution to this mixing dilemma at meal time. Made from food grade silicone, it is able to suction to your clean plate, creating a wall to prevent any food juices from seeping out.

The Cubby family ranges in size which can means they will fit any plate and also help contribute to portion control. Here’s the video to explain a little more:

The brand claim the tool to be the ultimate companion for picky eaters, but that is can also serve a purpose for those with disabilities. As the Cubby creates a suctioned wall, it acts as a barrier to which food can easily be picked up against instead of sliding around the plate, helping all those that may struggle at dinner time.

Available from Amazon or Food Cubby direct, these nifty dividers are garnering strong reviews with many saying they have been waiting for this invention so they can enjoy their gravy without making everything else moist. There really is a solution for everything…

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