10 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Aphrodisiacs

Try these 10 more unusual aphrodisiacs this Valentine’s Day to spice up the kitchen and the bedroom.

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start planning your meal of romance.While oysters, chilli, and avocado are more well-known in the aphrodisiac arena, there are some other more unusual ones here which promise to spice things up. So too truly get your partner in the mood, try incorporating some of these ten foods…



Coconut oil is amazing when cooking and great alternative to traditional, slightly fattier oils. But the oil also has use as a great lubricant which smells delicious.


Source: taste.com.au

Let’s get the obvious out of the way – churros definitely have a slightly phallic shape to them… But you and your partner can make dessert that little bit more sexy by putting one end in each of your mouths and nibble to the middle until you meet.


If you ask someone what they recommend eating on a date, chances are they wouldn’t say garlic. However garlic contains allicin, which increases blood flow and can lead to improved stamina and sexual energy! Soften the potent hit with garlic mayonnaise and remember, if you are eating it – you both will smell of garlic.

4. ICE

Ice ice baby! Melting an ice cube against your skin can create an unbelievable sensation and therefore work wonders in the bedroom. The coldness of the ice, followed by the warmth of your mouth, will send shivers up your partner’s spine.


Source: epicurious

Red meat, such as chorizo, contains high levels of protein and zinc – both of which are beneficial for testosterone production. Just ensure portions aren’t too big as they are also high in saturated fat.


Raw honey is incredibly good for you. It is rich in B vitamins which support testosterone production and in turn can increase desire. It has also been shown to stimulate oestrogen production which is ideal for female desire. Just be careful when using honey as it can get very sticky and messy!


If you want to stimulate your libido, then berries will be your best friend. Thanks to their high zinc content, testosterone can be regulated which is vital for sperm production in men but it also helps women get in the mood by enhancing their sex drive.

In addition, berries are also full of plant chemicals called proanthocyanidins, which help increase blood flow to those sensitive areas for greater arousal.


Source: Voyage Perou

Of course, who could forget chocolate? The classic sweet treat that can most certainly be taken to the bedroom and melted however way you want. Try mixing it up a bit and introduce variations like almond chocolate which is high in mono-saturated fats, increasing testosterone levels.


The worst thing to happen is to have a huge three course meal and feel so stuffed after that you can’t move anymore! So remember to keep portions small and try introducing a tapas philosophy. It also makes eating a more sensual experience being able to share food.


Source: Delish.com

Granted, this ins’t food per-say but drinking a little alcohol can make a wonderful aphrodisiac. Sangria is the perfect option as it contains red wine which is known to increase the blood flow and relax you – but it also contains lots of the amazing berries previously discussed. Just remember to drink responsibly!

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