Is This The Largest Food Platter In The World?

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Once upon a time, a cube of ham and pineapple on a cocktail stick was enough to satisfy your party guests but not any longer. Within the last year, there has been an increasing trend to impress guests with elaborate food platters brimming with fancy cheeses and cured hams.

What appears to be food randomly laid out on tables is actually an intentional work of art, with every piece of food forming an incredible visual masterpiece. This is truly reflected by TLC Catering – a Sydney-based company that specializes in traditional Lebanese cuisine.

Going the extra mile (quite literally…), they recently created Australia’s largest grazing platter which contained 22,507 items and had to spread across 18 tables!

The food included mini pizzas, sliders, traditional tabouli cups, spring rolls and spinach puffs.

Source: Via Instagram @tlccateringsydney

For every table they design, the menu is bespoke to who they are catering for meaning a lot of thought and preparation goes into each.

Sebastian Khouri (one of the directors) said:

‘Our menu is very versatile. Our name is TLC because we cater mostly traditional Lebanese cuisine created with tender love and care.’

What is great about this company is that it is family owned and managed by three directors: Nada, Sebastian and Anthony Khouri. Having roots in family and tradition is why these tables look so inviting.

Source: Via Instagram @tlccateringsydney

TLC Catering have done incredibly well for themselves, catering for events such as birthdays and weddings and even for corporate clients such as UBER head office and Spotify Head Office.

Sebastian explains:

‘All styling is done by myself and I take pride in making each event unique to create that wow moment for the client and their guests. These days there’s a lot of focus on aesthetics. We pride ourselves on focusing not only on aesthetics but also taste.’

Platter 2
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The epic food platter consisted of the following:

Tabouli Cups

Beef sliders

Prawn cutlets

Spring rolls

Mini cheese pizza

Mini supreme pizza

Spinach triangles

Cheese puffs


Sliced kebe with yoghurt

Meat squares

Spinach dip, hummus dip and beetroot dip

There is no doubting the talent behind this company and how detail orientated they are in order to fulfil every order to the highest standards. Although they wouldn’t disclose the cost of this particular table, regular grazing tables start from $38 per person based on 100 people and above but after seeing this offering there may be a queue to book!

If you want to find out more on how to create these food masterpieces for your next party, make sure to check out the video below where a food insta professional takes you through the key steps in order to achieve visual perfection:

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