Heinz’s new sauce combining mayo and ketchup isn’t what you’d expect — here’s why you should give it a shot

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Mayochup, created by Heinz, was first revealed in April 2018, when the condiment giant released the hybrid in the Middle East. So successful was this introduction, that it has also launched in the US and now the UK following online polls.

For a company like Heinz that has so many iconic staple pantry items like Ketchup and Beans, it must be difficult to reinvent yourself and keep things innovative, which must be why products like Mayochup get introduced. But the pre-made blend of mayonnaise and ketchup has certainly been divisive.


After a successful initial launch, the company asked the US through an online poll whether they’d also be interested in stocking shelves with mayochup – and the results found more than a half a million people in favour of the sauce.

Heinz director of marketing Nicole Kulwicki said:

‘After seeing the unprecedented passion surrounding this product, including the nearly one million votes on social media and 500,000 votes in favour of bringing it stateside, launching mayochup in the US was a no-brainer.’

Recently, a similar poll was presented to UK shoppers and more than 88,000 votes were cast in the first 48 hours with 57 per cent voting ‘yes’. The overwhelming reaction means those on the other side of the Atlantic can soon snap the condiment up.


However not everyone is convinced by the new sauce and attribute it to laziness. For many, the mayo-ketchup mix is what is commonly used for a prawn cocktail, otherwise known as a marie rose sauce. For others, it is a take on a thousand island dressing. Both of which could quite easily be created by mixing the two condiments yourself seeing as most households already own Ketchup and Mayo. Is Heinz just reinventing the wheel?

For some Twitter users, the whole notion is something that just ‘shouldn’t exist’ with one comparing it too ‘putting pineapple on a pizza’ – another divisive food decision.


Arguably, the contentious nature of the condiment is helping it gain notoriety and intrigue which undoubtedly means sales. I for one would be interested to find out if the blend tastes different to mixing the two together yourself, in the hope the pre-mix brings a little something extra.

So, are you going to try the Mayochup too? I’m prepping my prawn cocktail as we speak.


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