Health Guidelines On How Much Meat We Should Be Eating Has The Internet Shook

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More than ever before, reports on the effects of meat consumption are prevalent and widespread whether this be in regards to health, ethics or environment. But the latest health guideline offering has really taken the biscuit with many meat lovers reacting in horror.

Scientists are now advising meat eaters to limit their intake to just half a bacon rasher a day. Half?!

The report published encourages families to halve their intake of red meat and sugar to improve their health and help save the planet, but many claim ‘life wouldn’t be worth living’ without their daily dose of bacon.

The plan was created by an international experts and effectively would mean eating the equivalent of a quarter of a rasher of bacon, a 16th of a burger and two-thirds of a fish finger. So far I’m not sold and clearly others aren’t either:


The reason behind the report is that a ‘planetary health diet’ is necessary if we are to feed the world’s booming population without destroying the environment.

It is suggested the new plan could save around 11 million early deaths by 2050 by slashing obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. While some agree with the theory, others deem the campaign scaremongering and ‘nanny-state madness’. I mean, what else is one to eat on a hangover other than a bacon sandwich?!

The 37 experts from 16 countries put a lot of effort into the three-year project and eventually came up with the following ideal meal plan:


This diet which was published in the Lancet medical journal would mean a radical shift away from meat and dairy to vegetables, beans, nuts and pulses. Will you be giving it a try?

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