The Queen Banned Meghan Markle From Eating These Foods Now She’s A Royal

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Since becoming a member of the British Royal Family Meghan Markle has had to make various lifestyle changes. The former Suits actress is no longer allowed to wear dark nail polish (nude only), is not allowed to expose her bear legs (hello pantyhose.. nude only), is no longer allowed to act; and is banned from using social media.

It may come as little surprise that marrying into such a high-profile family would come with some restrictions — but one thing the new Duchess of Sussex may not have expected is a ban on her favorite foods.


According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, the Queen avoids “starchy foods” at all costs, with both pasta and potatoes a no-go for the Royal Family; opting instead for grilled fish or chicken and in-season vegetables – which may have been a difficult adjustment for Markle, who told Delish that her favorite was a seafood pasta dish, which she described as “filthy, sexy mush.”

Next on the banned list: garlic.

Garlic is an ingredient that appears in almost every meal — except at Buckingham Palace. In an interview with the Express, Darren McGrady, revealed that the Queen put a full ban on the herb. Why? Because it leads to smelly-breath which the Queen believes can be a hindrance during meetings and engagements. “The Queen would never have garlic on the menu,” McGrady said.

Turns out the Queen also has strong feelings on how meat should be cooked. She’s banned anything less than well-done meat served in the royal household. So if you’re hitting up Buckingham Palace for a steak, expect to chew!

I’m actually in agreeance with the Royal Family on the next banned food: Foie Gras. In 2008, Prince Charles banned royal households from serving foie gras, a luxury dish consisting of fatty duck or goose liver, amid outrage over animal cruelty.


Sorry Megan but the Queen isn’t having any of those foods. However, there is lots of common foodie-ground between the Queen and new Princess.

For example, the Queen is known to have a glass of champagne with her dinner every night without fail. Meghan is equally fond of a tipple.

She described her favorite dessert is a “big, beautiful red wine” mainly Tignanello.

Megan, I’m totally with you.

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