This Is How You Can Get A Burger King Whopper For $.01 at McDonald’s

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The folks in charge of fast-food restaurants’ marketing campaigns are some of the wittiest people around. We recently learned the genius reason why KFC only follows 11 people on Twitter, and now Burger King are throwing their hat in the ring with an equally genius campaign.

Burger King have decided to close out 2018 with their most divisive, and funny, campaign yet: a whopper giveaway. Well, pretty much a giveaway. Their famous burger can be yours for just 1-cent, but there’s a McDonald’s related catch.

The burger chain is taking a stab at its biggest competition this month by offering discounted burgers to anyone who places their order from their rival’s parking lot

According to Burger King, users of their app will be able to unlock a1-cent Whopper promotion if they are within 600 feet of a McDonald’s location. Once they order their burger, they can head to the nearest Burger King spot and pick it up. Genius.

The promotion runs from now until December 14th. While Burger King suggests that you might want to place that rival sandwich order in the face of a McDonald’s employee, the chain also says it wants customers to place their order in a way that’s respectful to McDonald’s employees and customers.

Now that’s a whopping deal!

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