Would You Try 1 Million Calorie Lasagna?

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Epic Meal Time never ceases to amaze, but this calorie laden lasagne is on another level. Calorie counters should look away now.

Every step of this glorious monstrosity is full fat and no half measures are taken – the bacon alone was soaked in 13.7k grams of duck fat! As if bacon wasn’t greasy enough.

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The food inventors used 120 packs of bacon, 100lbs of pork with 15 bricks of lard, 10 huge bags of mozzarella and 10 cartons of creme. Every layer is then squidged between nine slabs of pasta finally topped with cheese. But not your average grating of cheese. Simply just 8 wheels of brie.

All the ingredients in this mammoth meal time dish amount to 1 million calories! The creators even claimed it was so unhealthy that eating the enormous dish in one sitting “would quite literally kill you”.

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Here’s the insane full list of ingredients:

  • 100lbs of pork
  • 120 packs of bacon
  • 13.7k grams of duck fat
  • 16 bottles of tomato cream sauce
  • 15 bricks of lard
  • 10 cartons of cream
  • Five bricks of butter
  • Eight wheels of Brie cheese
  • 10 bags of mozzarella

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By eating the recommended average of 2,500 calories a day, this sucker would last you MORE THAN AN ENTIRE YEAR.

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I’m not sure if I’m tempted to tuck in, but I sure can’t stop watching:


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