Arby’s new sandwich is loaded with half a Pound of Beef, Curly Fries & Cheddar Sauce

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They really do have the meats…

Arby’s has long been known for creating some truly innovative burgers. But even by their standards this latest one is epic.

The new Arbynator, available for a limited time until December 23, is piled high with roast beef on top a layer of Arby’s “horsey” sauce and finished off with crispy curly fries smothered in cheddar cheese sauce on a sesame seed bun.

“I’ve been trying to get fries on a sandwich for five years, and we’re finally going to make it happen,” said Rob Lynch, President of Arby’s. “Roast Beef, Curly Fries, cheddar cheese, Arby’s sauce and Horsey sauce all on a sandwich — what’s not to love?”

Credit: Arby’s

The Arbynator is available in three variations. The classic Arbynator has a reasonable amount of roast beef. The double Arbynator has—get this— twice the amount of roast beef. And, in a crazy move, the half-pound Arbynator has half a pound of roast beef in it.

Credit: Arby’s

The Arbynator first appeared at select test locations in Michigan and Oklahoma back in December 2017 and quickly became a fan favorite. Ever since then Arby’s fan on social media have been calling for it to be rolled our permanently.

This news that it’s back for the holidays is sure to be appease them. And fans will be hopeful that the Arbynator is here to stay.

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