Watch This Man Drop A $42,000 Bottle Of Champagne At A Night Club

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If you’ve been to a fancy club, expensive ski resort or own an Instagram account than chances are you’ve seen folks tucking into pricey champagne. A good bottle of bubbly has long been the drink of choice for those wanting to flash the cash.

Enter this guy.

The Drinks Business broke the news of an unfortunate Spanish clubber who ended up very red-faced and with significantly less money after a viral mishap in Ibiza.

The man standing on a podium in a DJ-side booth attempted to open a rehoboam (4.5litre) bottle of overpriced expensive champagne that costs a whopping $42,510 in front of a crowd of people.

He attempted to uncork the bottle, before frantically grappling at it as it slips out of his hands and smashes on the floor. Visibly shocked, the man is thoroughly sprayed with the fizz before dropping his head into his hands.

Some clubbers tried to lunge forward and save the bottle, but they were too late. It smashed into thousands of pieces.

Here’s the crazy moment:

There are two tragedies here — the price of the bottle and the waste of good alcohol. It would be like dropping the world’s most expensive steak.

It’s bad enough this dude is down $42,510, the fact the whole thing was caught on camera and is all over the internet takes it the next level.

On the bright side, he didn’t drink any of it, so maybe he didn’t have a hangover the next day? Silver linings and all that jazz.

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