The World’s Largest Hot Dog Is Absolutely Obscene

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Americans consume close to 20 billion hot dogs a year. That works out at approximately 70 hot dogs per person per year, making dogs one of the most widely enjoyed foods in the country.

Interestingly, the origins of the hot dog are fiercely contested by two cities: Frankfurt, Germany and Vienna, Austria. Frankfurt claims the Frankfurter sausage was invented in their city in in 1484; eight years before Christopher Colombus set sail for America. However, the Viennese contest this notion and claim the original Wienerwurst originated in the Austrian capital.

Whatever the origin, hot dogs are everywhere around the globe. As is inevitable with a dish so popular, people have experimented with various ways to take hot dogs to the next level. We’ve seen quirky toppings, different types of bread, variations in sausages and sauces; and now, we’ve seen someone take things to a whole new level.

Enter the world’s biggest hot dog.

The folks over at Healthy Junk Food decided to take on the challenge of creating a historically large hot dog. Knowing it wasn’t going to be easy, their culinary team dived straight in to the epic food challenge… here’s what happened:

Now that’s what you call a big dawg!

I’d like to see this hot dog added to the show at the 2019 Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, New York. Last year saw 11 time winner Camern Cincotti beat his own record to chow down an incredible 74 hot dogs in just ten minutes.






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