Hilarious Prank Ends With Soccer Player Doing Something Odd With a Sirloin Steak

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A Lancaster City soccer player twisted his ankle while running and texted the team trainer for some advice on how to treat the injury. At least he thought he texted the team trainer. The result was a joke that may go down in the annals of soccer pranks.

When 18-year old midfielder Tom Preston wanted to text the team trainer, he unfortunately had the wrong number. Instead, he was texting his team-mate Rob Wilson, a player who has earned a reputation being the locker-room prankster.

Wilson quickly changed his image and name to that of the team medic and set about having a little fun. Unbeknown to him, his little prank would end up blowing up on the internet.

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Wilson, masquerading as the trusty doctor, told the player that the best treatment for his injury was to put some fresh meat on the troubled area: “If you can, put a sirloin steak on it for 10 minutes. This will reduce the swelling and bruising.”

Naturally, he requested a photo to prove to the team’s manager that the injury was being properly treated. Since Preston didn’t have a steak at home, he sent his father to the local grocery store to fetch one.

Once the steak was in place on the problem area, Wilson tried to see if he could take the prank even further by advising his wounded team-mate to season the steak. He further suggested that the treatment would be even more effective if the steak was cooked medium rare.

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You’ve got an injury and think you’re contacting the team’s doctor, who has some excellent advice regarding treatment. At what point in this conversation would you realize you might not actually be talking to a health professional?

According to Wilson, Preston, who he described as “quite gullible”, has taken the prank well.

“He loves it,” Wilson told the Press Association. “He’s laughing about it now. His dad fell for it too, to be fair.”

Well played sir. You really raised the steaks with the one.

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