Dwayne Johnson Posted A Pic Of His Sushi Cheat Meal And It’s Absolutely Obscene

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Unless you’ve been living under ‘a rock’ for the past two decades, you might be familiar with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – former professional wrestler, actor and producer. The Rock’s towering personality and amazing acting chops have made him a familiar face across the globe.

Away from the big-screen, The Rock is well known for his insane daily diet and fitness schedule. In fact, the only man in Hollywood who can come close is Mark Wahlberg. The Transformers actor recently revealed his daily schedule and it’s insane!

Johnson revealed that he eats a total of seven meals a day, which include 36 ounces (approx. 1 Kg) cod fish, six cups of white rice, four cups of vegetables and two salads and a dozen eggs in one day! Needless to say, that us mere mortals can ever dream of eating like Johnson, as we obviously don’t work out the way he does. However, it’s not just his diet and workout that is super intense and extreme… even his cheat meals are king-sized:

The Sushi Train

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 6.47.10 PM

Giant Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 6.48.34 PM

Banana &  Chocolate Chip Pancakes, slathered with Peanut Butter and Canadian Maple Syrup

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 6.49.31 PM

His favorite combination: a Sushi Platter with Pancake Stack

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 6.49.45 PM

A Japanese feast

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 6.49.56 PM

Monster Fudge Brownies with Turkey Salad Subs

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 6.50.13 PM

8 slices of Sour Dough French toast topped with loads of Apple Pie

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 7.02.15 PM.png

Pizza. All the Pizza.


A boatload of Sushi

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 7.07.53 PM.png

And last but definitely not least, who can forget the epic Christmas cheat-meal The Rock gifted himself last year.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 7.10.04 PM.png

Keep up the good work Dwayne. I know one thing for sure, he’d have no problem being the first person in the world to ever complete this steak challenge. Question is, do you think you could take it down?

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