Vegan Finds Out He’s Accidentally Eating Cheese And Completely Loses His S**t

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Keyboard-warriors love to give vegans a hard time. Often this ‘banter’ falls within the grounds of good-taste, but occasionally it boils over into some fairly rough treatment. A fine example of the latter is when this meat-loving YouTuber chowed down on a bloody hunk of meat at a vegan festival. Ouch.

The easiest targets amongst members of the vegan community are those whom like choose to preach a plant-based diet to the masses. One such example is vegan YouTuber Powsimian, real name Matthew Blunt, who has since deleted his YouTube account following a video that has the internet mocking him.

Blunt, a strict vegan, called the current state of the world as an “animal holocaust”, referring to the amount of meat most of us consume on a daily basis. His strong stance caused quite a stir online, which is probably why this video of Blunt mistakenly eating cheese has a lot of people very amused.

Blunt’s mother ordered him a vegan pizza, which the YouTuber enjoyed whilst vlogging. That is until he realizes there’s something unexpected in the tomato sauce. He proceeds to call the restaurant to confirm that no animal-products were used on his pizza and is shocked by their response. What follows is a meltdown of epic proportions.


Understandably Blunt’s impassioned reaction to accidentally eating animal products made its way onto Reddit, with internet users lining up to mock him. My favorite comment? “Cries over cheese, smashes phone made by basically legal slave labor,” well put by Reddit user MyronNGaines.

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