Here’s Why You Should Put Ice Cubes In Your Burger Patties

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The proliferation of the internet and short-form video has coincided with an increase in cooking hacks. People love to share tips and suggestions for how they took popular foods to the next level.

Whether it’s a hack for making the perfect grilled cheese or tips for the right way to use chopsticks (spoiler: you’ve probably been doing it wrong all this time!), the internet loves a good hack. The latest one involves burgers.

There are a hundred ways to top a burger once it’s done on the grill, but what about while it’s sizzling over the flames? Graham Elliot, a judge on MasterChef, and my personal favorite, MasterChef Junior, wants you to put an ice cube on it.

The video below explains why:

It might sound out there, but sticking an ice cube into a thick patty will keep it from drying out too much, which is the prime culprit among bad burgers.

Burgers on the grill are amazing, we’ve already covered that, but JUICY burgers on the grill are what you really want. Achieving that perfect burger is really hard, but it just got a little easier with this brilliant trick.

If you want to take your burger even further it’s worth taking tips from the best. Gordon Ramsay’s ultimate burger recipe is my favorite tutorial video and really helped take my burger game to the next level. Enjoy.

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