A meat vending machine exists, for all your midnight steak needs

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Late night food these days is pretty awesome. Most decent-sized cities will have a plethora of options from fried chicken to kebabs, pizza, fast-food joints and delis.

However good the options are, one thing that it’s impossible to find after-hours is a good-quality steak. That’s about to change.

Thanks to the New York based Applestone Meat Company, 24/7 steak vending machines are on the verge of being rolled out after a successful trial run at two locations near the Empire State building.

The machines bring quality cuts of steak, pork and lamb to the masses 24/7. They operate much like traditional vending machine stocked with drinks or candy, only they’re temperature controlled and restocked more regularly.

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 9.44.55 PM.png

Each one is stocked with a different type of meat (beef, pork, lamb, ground meat or sausage), and they’re modeled after old-school carousel-type dispensers where a button rotates the products inside. To purchase something, meat-lovers simply swipe their credit card.

With young people increasingly expecting things quick and easy it was only a matter of time before somebody improved distribution and options in the meat market. And I for one am all for it. As long as they’ve sorted out keeping the meat at the right temperature and ensuring it’s fresh, sign me up.




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