Gordon Ramsay Shares His Top 5 Steak Recipes You Can Make At Home

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The title of greatest chef in the world is a difficult thing to place. We’ve all got different taste preferences and favorite cuisines making it tricky to rank. The best thing we’ve got to a list is looking at the Michelin Star leaderboard.

In at number one with a ridiculous 31 Stars is French chef Joel Robuchon. The “Chef of the Century” owns a culinary empire of more than 15 restaurants in the most dazzling cities around the globe.

Coming in second place with an impressive 21 Stars is fellow frenchman Alan Ducasse. The 61-year old owns and operates numerous restaurants around the world including the three-Michelin star Ducasse at The Dorchester in London.

Gordon Ramsay steak recipe

Next in line behind the two Frenchman with 16 Michelin Stars is my absolute favorite chef: Mr Gordon Ramsay. Not only is he always great value on television, his tutorials on how to cook the best burger or tips for making the perfect steak sandwich have taken my cooking game up a level. And now he’s back with the latest edition.

Regular readers will know that steak is my absolute favorite dish and in an ideal world, I’d eat it everyday. There’s two main problems with that. Firstly, steak can be very expensive. Secondly, people tend to have strong feeling about how they like their steak and so try to make it exactly the same each time. This can get a bit boring… until now.

Fresh off his tutorial for how to make perfect scrambled eggs Chef Ramsay is back with his top five steak recipes. The diverse mix of recipes means you’ll never run out of inspiration on steak night ever again.


One of the greatest things about steak is it’s variety. Think of how many different cuts exist, how many different ways you can cook it, the various sauces that take it to the next level and what you choose to accompany it with.

Whether you’re cooking with the rarest steak in the world or a more humble sirloin, there’s so many ways to bring it to life in an epic fashion.

I’d love to hear your steak preferences and about the best steak you’ve ever had in the comments section below. Have a great weekend.

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