McDonald’s Latest Menu Item Is A Gift From The Food Gods

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If you’re anything like me then you pretty much have your McDonald’s order on repeat. However, every now and again everyones favorite clown releases a special menu item that tears up the rule book. This is one of those times.

Introducing ‘Camembert Donuts’.

The new side dish is made of real Camembert cheese that is first breaded then deep-fried.

McDonald's Camembert Donuts
Credit: McDonald’s

If you’re not familiar with camembert, it’s similar to brie; a soft, creamy cheese made from cow’s milk. Which makes it one of the greatest cheeses to deep-fry. It’s like the combination of a mozzarella stick and an onion ring, but with slightly stronger tasting cheese.

However, there is some bad news (unless you’re reading this in Germany…)

Right now this new menu item is only available at McDonald’s branches in Germany. So, if you live elsewhere, it might be time to book a trip to Munich or Berlin this summer.

McDonald's New Site Dish Is Camembert Donuts
Credit: McDonald’s

These cheese donuts come in a box of 7 and costs US$4.90, inclusive of two packets of cranberry sauce. A Reddit user has described the dish as “mozzarella cheese stick on steroids.” Sounds like heaven.

This latest menu item is the second time McDonald’s has made the headlines this week. Just a few days ago, 63-year old Dan Gorske became the first person in history to eat 30,000 Big Macs. The Wisconsin local say his next goal is to hit 40,000 and has set himself a decade to hit that target.

Let’s hope these Camembert Donuts make there way onto U.S. menus this summer, I for one can’t wait to try them!

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