Honest Waiter Warns Gordon Ramsay Of The Horrible Food At His Restaurant

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Of all the celebrity chefs on our TVs screen at the moment my absolute favorite is Gordon Ramsay. The foul-mouthed chef gave us the epic moment that his terrible Pad Thai was butchered by a Thai chef, and who can forget his awesome How To Cook The Perfect Steak video. And now there’s a new vid to out to the list, let me set the scene.

Mama Rita’s is a Mexican restaurant in Newbury Park, California, owned by Laura Goodman. She was successful in the catering business so thought she could succeed in running a restaurant, however that transition is often very difficult, and Laura found herself in $2.2million debt and at risk of losing her house. That’s when she called Gordon Ramsay.

Chef Ramsay decided to take on the challenge as part of his Kitchen Nightmares series. If you’ve seen the show you’ll know that Ramsay is very rarely pleased with what he receives on the plate. However, I’ve never seen him disappointed this early which is largely down to a very honest waiter…

I’m all for honesty, but if I was this restaurants owners I’d be a little peeved with this dude. Having said that, all he did was accelerate the inevitable horrendous review. Ramsay is notoriously hard to please!

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