Man Sets New Record for Eating More Big Mac’s Than Anyone Else In History

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Since May 17, 1972, Don Gorske has eaten at least one of McDonald’s famous Big Mac burgers every single day.

The Big Mac lover became a minor celebrity when he briefly appeared in the documentary Super Size Me, in which comedian Morgan Spurlock put his stomach to the test and ate three McDonald’s meals a day for an entire month.

In just one month Spurlock experienced worrying test results regarding his liver, blood-pressure and heart, but his month long fast-food fest pales into insignificance when compared to Gorske’s.

Last week, the 64-year old from Wisconsin ate his 30,000th burger, and talked about the special occasion with The New York Post. “I love the patties, I love the sauce, I can’t get enough of it,” he explained. “I’m trying to get to 40,000, and that’ll take me another 14 years.” So, if he’s intending to still be eating two Big Macs a day for the next 14 years, that would be 60 years of non-stop fast food. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!

You can see just how much he’s loving it in the video below:

Now, if you’re anything like me then you might be thinking how is this dude even alive?! Surely he’s super unhealthy. However, according to Gorske that’s just not the case.

“I’m healthy as a horse. I weigh 190 pounds, and my cholesterol is 165,” he said. “I’m better than normal.”

Big Macs make up approximately 90% of Gorske’s diet. He recently added McDonald’s Fruit N Yoghurt parfait to his diet, upon a request from his wife for him to eat more fruit.

“My wife was at me to eat more fruits and vegetables, and the parfaits at my local store are only $1,” he said.

One accusation that gets thrown his way is that he suffers from a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but Don isn’t having any of it.

“It’s not a disorder at all,” he said. “Eating Big Macs doesn’t affect me as far as my health goes. Eating Big Macs is what I love.” You do you, bro.

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