This footage of sushi twitching on a plate has seriously creeped people out

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There should probably be a law that states: food on your plate shouldn’t move. But the food in the video below? What the actual?!

A video of a piece of sushi supposedly coming back to life has been disturbing social media today. But before you get too concerned that this is some sort of second coming, there’s actually science behind it.

Now although soy sauce has the ability to bring boring dishes to life, it’s not quite good enough to bring actual fish back to life. The fish appears to wiggle its tentacles as the condiment is drizzled over it, in scenes reminiscent of something from Frankenstein. You can check it out below:

So what exactly makes the sushi “come back to life?”

The reaction is an automatic response to the sodium chloride, or salt, in the soy sauce. “Most of the tissue in an organism that’s recently dead, recently killed, is actually still alive” Charles Grisham, a chemistry professor at the University of Virginia, told reporters.

“In this case, even though the brain function is missing, the tissues will still respond to stimuli.” The clams muscles still retain Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main source of energy for muscle contractions.

Although on first impression it might look like something from a horror film, the fact the fish reacts this way is actually a very good sign for the person eating it. Why? Well, the reaction only occurs if the fish is recently deceased. In other words, this kind of reaction signifies that the fish is nice and fresh.

Talking of high-quality sushi, I was fortunate enough to dine at the wonderful restaurant Dans Le Noir recently. The place serves up dishes is pure darkness and you’ve got to try and work out what it is your eating. Truly some of the greatest sushi I’ve ever tasted

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