Watch Gordon Ramsay’s Pad Thai Get Blasted By Thai Chef In Hilarious Video

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If you’re looking for something cathartic to get you through this midweek day, you’ve come to the right place. Brightfly is happy to present to you foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay getting a taste of his own medicine.

Ramsay has been his typical bullish self in recent months, coming under heavy scrutiny for his abusive Tweet about vegans, and then releasing his 3-most hated food trends of 2018, but now the tables have turned.

Gordon Ramsay Pad Thai
Credit: Channel 4

Let me set the scene.

As part of his show the F-Word Chef Ramsay cooked a meal for a group of monks in a London monastery. Before serving the monks, Ramsay turned to chef of the renowned Thai restaurant, Blue Elephant, for his thoughts.

Chef Chang is so hugely unimpressed by the attempt and is not shy at letting Ramsay know. Needless to say, Gordon looks a little shellshocked…

 “This is not Pad Thai at all,” Chang admonishes. And that stone-cold look on his face. Ouch.

To be fair to Ramsay, Pad Thai is a specialist dish and to please one of the most famous Thai chefs with your first attempt was always unlikely. However, you can’t help but smile when the chef whose responsible for all the burns in the video below gets a taste of his own medicine…

And while Pad Thai is a tricky dish to recreate, Gordon Ramsay sure knows how to make the perfect steak and proved it with this beautiful video. Enjoy watching it… perhaps over a Pad Thai.


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