Would You Try The Impossible Burger?


As the meat debate rumbles on, scientists at Impossible Foods have been experimenting to create a meat food product that could eventually change the world and one day be less expensive than the real thing.

Of course a meaty, juicy, dirty burger is delicious. It’s undeniable. However so is the effect increased meat production is having on our environment and our personal health. Did you know 45% of the land surface of Earth is used for animal agriculture and the antibiotics pumped into animals could be the cause for bacterial infections in humans being resistant to antibiotics? But now ‘Heme’ could be the answer to this conundrum. After much trial and error, this molecule mimics meat like no other before it. The burger is essentially various proteins and minerals, but heme is what transforms the plant patty into something that truly looks, smells and tastes like meat. So much so it actually bleeds! Is your mouth watering yet?

Source: Impossible Foods
Dr Patrick Brown, Founder and CEO of Impossible Foods

Every detail in this burger is thought of because this isn’t just for veggies and vegans, this is for meat lovers who are becoming more environmentally aware and health savvy but don’t want to lose that meaty joy! Fat molecules in the burger from coconut oil allow the patty to sizzle on the grill and the potato protein gives that crispy outer edge.

Source: Impossible Foods

Who knows if this will ever fully replace meat but it may begin to reduce consumption. Can any man-made product truly replicate it without criticism? Try it for yourself and let us know!

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