This $25,000 taco is the most expensive in the world

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In 2018 it’s easier than ever not to cook. The proliferation of restaurants and food delivery services has contributed to the average American household spending over $3,000 per year on dining out.

However, that $3000 isn’t even enough to buy the world’s most expensive steak, the priciest burger, or this gold-infused corn tortilla that’s layered with Kobe beef and lobster. Sound good? You’re going to have to dish out an insane amount of money to get your hands on one.

Gold infused taco
The world’s most expensive taco is served at Grand Velas Los Cabos resort

One of these beauties costs $25,000. In addition to the gold tortillas, Kobe beef and lobster, these tacos are topped with black truffle brie (which costs over $100 per ounce) and Beluga caviar (which costs $700 per ounce). All of that is topped off with even more gold, of course.

The pricey taco is served up at the exclusive Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort in Mexico. The restaurant recommends pairing the taco with a platinum and white bottle of Tequila Ley 925, which costs over $150,000 per bottle. Meaning if you go all out at this lavish restaurant you could drop over $175,000 on one meal.

The taco is the brainchild of chef Juan Licerio who has been cooking professionally for over 25 years.

“People are excited and a little surprised about how you can eat a taco for $25,000 when you can find one on the street for 10 pesos,” Licerio¬†tells AFP. “Then I explain the delicacy, the technique and the harmony that they will lift from the plate, and that it’s worth it,” he says.

This taco costs $25,000

His restaurant is one of five at the luxury $150 million resort located on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. The taco is comfortably the most expensive item on any of the menus. Which is why you’re only allowed to order it if you’re staying in the presidential suite. And you’ll need to drop a $12,500 deposit before tucking in.

Although these tacos are way in front in terms of costs, the mouth-watering price of this all black chicken is not too far away. Better start saving!

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