Salt Bae Sumo Wrestler

Sumo Wrestler Goes Viral With Comedic ‘Salt Bae’ Move

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On a recent trip to Japan I was heartbroken to learn that I wasn’t visiting during sumo season. I’ll have to wait a little longer to tick that one of the list.

However, this sumo-Salt Bae moment I just experienced is almost better than sitting ringside during a battle. Everyone’s favorite Turkish chef, Salt Bae, is known for having some of the best quality steak in the world, but mostly for his innovative salt-sprinkling technique.

A move that has allowed the chef to open restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Miami, New York and Istanbul. And now it seems his influence has spread even little further east, to Japan. The hilarious viral moment occurred as two some wrestlers were about to do battle when one of the decided to get salty.

The Salt Bae moment comes in around 9:14.

What your watching isn’t a standard sumo match but a Shokkiri,¬†which is sort of a sumo slapstick comedy. The format is hugely popular in Japan. As for why the fighter got his Salt-Bae on the answer to that is spiritual.

It’s believed that sprinkling salt before a bout purifies the ring, and being a Shokkiri¬†the gentlemen wanted to add a additional showmanship to the ritual.

It’s been quite a week for meat-lovers. First Gordon Ramsay got in serious hot-water for his offensive tweet aimed at vegans. Then we had news that a jet-black chicken had sold for more than $2,000.

And if all that wasn’t enough, David Beckham stopped by Salt Bae’s recently-opened New York steakhouse.


David is the second Beckham to stop by in recent months. NY Giant Odell Beckham Jr sampled Salt-Bae steak a while back and gave the restaurant a glowing review. Something that a lot of New York based food critics have disagreed with.

One thing that almost all critics and fans are agreed upon, though, is that the world’s most expensive restaurant provides one of the most unique culinary experiences money can by. Must.start.saving.

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