This Is The Most Expensive Restaurant In The World

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If you want to drop a lot of money these days there’s not many places better to do so than restaurants. That’s hardly surprising when you consider the world’s most expensive steak is left to hibernate for 15 years, and the world’s most expensive burger is gold-plated.

You may find it surprising however that the most expensive restaurant in the world isn’t in one of the big global cities. Nor is it in a capital city. It’s not even on its countries mainland. Bizarrely enough, it’s on the party island of Ibiza.

Welcome to the world's most expensive restaurant

Sublimotion┬áis more than a restaurant. It describes itself as “a space created to stimulate the 5 senses, a different experiential trip to anything you’ve ever experienced before.” And boy does it deliver.

The restaurant only has one table, with just 12 seats. Which is one of the reasons a seat at that table will cost you an eye-popping $2,173 per person.

worlds most expensive restaurant

For that hefty price you’ll be treated to 15 courses over a three hour period, served by 25 staff including DJs and magicians. Aside from the food, you’ll be blow away by virtual reality elements, a laser show, and projections mapping everywhere including the table – which doubles up as a giant iPad.

dessert at the best restaurant in the world

Being the party capital of the world it goes without saying that the whole restaurant is a party. World renowned DJs regularly stop by, and the music in this place is turned up to eleven.

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