The World’s Most Expensive Steak Is Left To Hibernate For 15 Years

How much would you pay for steak?


Steak is one of those things in life that it’s worth spending a bit of money on. That’s one reason people were so miffed when they found out the childish way in which Donald Trump eats his steak. Having said that, there’s spending money and there’s pure insanity – the most expensive steak in the world surely belongs in the latter category.

You might have guessed the butcher in question is in Paris, known to be connoisseurs of quality and deliciousness. The shop is called Polmard Eleveur Boucher, and it’s probably not worth visiting unless you’re Bill Gates.

Why? Because just a single piece of their finest steak costs a whopping $3,200. I’m pretty sure you should never spend that much money on something you can’t drive or live in, but when you read about the steak in question it does sound pretty unique!

Standard ‘dry-aged’ meat is usually matured for several weeks, but at this Paris butchers their beef is ‘hibernated’ for as long as 15 years! The unique method is “believed to retain the flavour, texture, and quality of the beef better than other.”


It starts with the highest-quality cattle. Next the butchered meat has cold air blown on it at 47 mph in a minus 45-degree Fahrenheit room. And after all that TLC, it’s sold to very-wealthy steak lovers for more than three grand. Ouch.

You’ll be happy to learn that although the meat cost is extortionate, if you follow this Gordon Ramsay steak recipe then the other ingredients are all very cheap. But make sure you avoid the one big mistake that most people make when cooking steak, according to Anthony Bourdain.

Unless a miraculous lottery win comes my way there’s little chance I’ll get to chow down on one of these steaks. But you know what, I’m cool with it. If I did have a spare $3,000 kicking around I certainly wouldn’t be spending it on something that will end up in the toilet a few hours later.

Having said that, the world’s most expensive tacos costs a cool $25,000 and it’s gold… like actually made out of genuine gold. I need that in my life.

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