The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Trump’s “Bizarre” Steak Order

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Just about everything Donald Trump does ends up in the news. In just the last few months the president has been booed by a room full of construction workers who were supposed to be ‘his people’ and been called out for playing far too much golf instead of doing… y’know, presidential stuff.

I suppose it’s par for the course when you’re the most powerful man in the world – and Trump has never been one to shy away from the sort of odd public behaviour media owners adore. Well, he’s at it again. This time regarding his eating habits. Yep.

It turns out that President Trump’s favourite food is well-done steak served with tomato ketchup. How do we know? Well the pres decided to swing by one of the finest steakhouses in America and order what almost all steak-fans would describe as a car-crash of a dish. His waiter couldn’t wait to tweet the news.

Donald Trump has a strange steak habit

His love of overcooked steak and ketchup runs so deep that the Saudi’s served it up for him when Trump visited the nation on his first foreign trip. According to the New York Times, providing Trump with his favourite dish was just one of the almost childish tips the Saudi foreign minister put forward before the President’s arrival.

The tips include: “compliment him on his Electoral College victory,” “bring some sort of deal he can call a victory” and “keep it short … for a 30-second attention span.” Weird.

So why does Trump have such affinity for steak and ketchup? The New Yorker puts it down to the fact that Trump is a distant relative of the Heinz ketchup dynasty, makers of over 60% of all the ketchup consumed in North America. Could it be that the President’s love of ketchup is actually making him money?!

I know this all sounds bizarre but it’s certainly true. A recent Netflix documentary called “Kings of Kallstadt,”was produced to explore the relationship between Trump and the small german town of Kallstadt. The 1,200 person village happens to be an ancestral home of both Mr Trump and the founder of Heinz. Check our the trailer below.


Love him or hate him, if Trump is backhandedly making money by ordering what many would consider to be a childish dinner, then you’ve got to say fair play. Or of course there’s the unlikely alternative that he actually think that’s the tastiest way to consume a good steak.

I know one thing for sure – Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay do not approve!

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