Gordon Ramsay Shows You How To Cook The Perfect Steak In Mouth-Watering Video

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A good steak is surely one of the purest carnivorous pleasures on offer. It’s for that very reason it’s seen as a special occasion meal, the ultimate date-night food and even has its very own day!

Despite all the steak love in the world, there seems to be widespread misunderstanding of how to cook the perfect cut of meat. This is due to various reasons. First, and most important, is the meat quality. Some things in this world it pays to pay a little more – steak is certainly one of them. Second, and also very important, is how you like it cooked.

All decent chefs will tell you that the longer you cook your steak the tougher and less tasty it becomes. Having said that, I totally agree that a blue steak (literally still breathing!) is a step too far; and thus I tend to go for medium-rare.

However you like your steak, the two-minute video below brought to you courtesy of one of the world’s finest chefs, gives a few fantastic tips for how to bring your steak to life. Bon appetit.

Steak is expensive, and has a reputation for being tricky to do at home. But hopefully the video above demonstrates that with a relatively good cut, it only takes a few basic ingredients and about two-minutes to be in steak heaven.

Apologies if you’ve happened upon this article and you’re a vegetarian or vegan – can’t have been a particular enjoyable read. So let me leave you with some news you’ll find very encouraging – Taiwan has become the first Asian country to ban the consumption of cat and dog meat. Hopefully this pioneering decision will soon be followed by fellow Asian country who partake in this cruel food source.

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