Mountain cyclists attacked by a bear

Incredible Helmet Cam Footage Shows A Bear Charging Towards Mountain Bikers

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Despite many of us growing up with a stuffed-bear as a friend, in reality they can be pretty scary animals.

I’m sure you’re familiar with Leo DiCaprio’s Oscar winning role in The Revenant. If so, you’ll remember that a bear almost sends Leo’s character to an early grave. Despite his miraculous recovery, the take home message is bears can be scary.

Enter a group of mountain bikers in Slovakia. They were having a totally chilled down on the slopes when an unexpected guest showed up. YouTuber Dusan Vinzik caught the whole episode on his helmet cam and you can watch the remarkable footage below:

Fortunately the biker in front knew the trail well and stopped cycling immediately. Had they continued, the trail circles back and would have led them straight towards the bear.

This helmet cam video┬áis almost as exhilarating as footage of Somalia Pirates attacking a U.S. ship, it’s like Captain Phillips in real life. But be warned it’s pretty darn intense.


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