Scariest trailer of all time?

The Creepy Second Trailer For It Just Dropped And It Means Business

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Fans of Stephen King were positively giddy on social media today after the second trailer dropped for the upcoming It adaptation. It’s fair to say it’s an absolute scare-fest, with several social commentators claiming it’s the creepiest trailer of all the year.

Let’s set the scene: a turn of events leads to the Losers’ club to the sewers below Derry, where they unwittingly discover a missing person’s shoe. The trailer features some cheeky back-and-forth dialogue sure to resonate with Stranger Things fans, but things quickly turn from jokes to fear when something emerges from the sewer.

Spoiler: if clowns aren’t your thing then I really, really wouldn’t watch this!

If you weren’t afraid of darkness, clowns or creepy tunnels before the trailer then I’m sure you are now.

Much like the first trailer, it doesn’t go out of its way to scare viewers with cheap thrills and jumpy moments. Instead relying on suspense and pure creepiness to keep us feeling uneasy.

It’s a totally different style to modern horror trailers such as The Conjuring or Don’t Breathe, but make no mistake that the action film will be a freaky watch. That’s if the first movie is anything to go by!

Don’t fear, though, you’ve got until September 8th to ready yourself for Pennywise the clown to show himself again. Unless the It crew drop a third trailer between now and the release date. Yikes. 


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