Steve Stephen might have been found

Facebook Killer’s Whereabouts May Now Be Known After Clue Emerges

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Steve Stephens a behavioural health worker from Ohio who allegedly shot and killed a 74-year old stranger on Easter Sunday may have alerted the authorities to his whereabouts.

Stephens has been on the run since 2pm on Sunday, but a ping from his cellphone has been detected in Erie, Pennsylvania – approximately 100-miles East of Cleveland. Police had earlier warned that Stephens may have made his way into New York, Indiana, Michigan or Pennsylvania during the night.

An arrest warrant was issued after a self-shot video emerged of Stephens confronting an elderly man holding a plastic bag. “Found me somebody to kill,” Stephens says. “I’m going to kill this guy right here. He’s an old dude, too.”

Stephens then asked 74-year old Robert Godwin for a “favor” by saying his girlfriend’s name. “She’s the reason this is about┬áto happen to you.” Stephens chillingly tells Godwin before shooting him in the head.

The video was uploaded to Stephens’ Facebook profile where it remained for three hours.

It’s believed he was driving a white Ford Fusion at the time and his whereabouts was unknown until today’s cellphone ping, he has now turned off his phone.

Police have warned that Stephens is to be considered armed and dangerous, and should not be approached. Should his whereabouts be known then please dial 911 immediately.

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